Bulk Tank Cleaners

Highly effective cleaning products suitable for daily and every other day collections

DX Tanks

Action DX Tank Cleaner

Fast effective bactericidal action and residue clearance in hot water systems for enclosed Direct Expansion Bulk Tanks. Use Milkstone Remover, once a week in hard water areas and once a fortnight in soft water areas.

Pack size: 25L, 200L & 1000L IBC

Action Milkstone Remover

A low foaming formulation containing 30% Phosphoric Acid and water softening agents. Use to remove deposits not removed by alkali cleaners.

Pack size: 25L

Ice Bank Tanks

Tankosan Liquid

Iodophor based for effective cleaning and powerful bactericidal action in Ice Bank Tanks with automatic or manual cold water cleaning systems. Removes fat and protein deposits and helps prevent milkstone build up. Hand clean with Pink Powder at least once a month to prevent the build up of milkstone and other deposits.

Pack size: 25L

Pink Powder

A traditional powder for routine or occasional manual cleaning. Contains a chlorine releasing agent as an effective bactericide. Removes fat and protein deposits and helps prevent milkstone build up.

Pack size: 5kg

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