Compound Feeds

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ACT's policy is to provide compound feeds which are carefully formulated and contain only high quality, fully traceable ingredients.

Action high qualtiy

ACT's detailed specifications for raw materials and formulations are agreed with our accredited feed manufacturers around the country. Once agreed, no significant changes can be made without ACT's authorisation and we constantly monitor all stages of production.

Action low prices

Action Feed buyers pay for what they get - high quality compound feed. ACT cuts costs by negotiating purchasing agreements with the manufacturers which exclude the cost of management services, e.g. costings, traditionally built in to the customer's price but not always required. ACT Area Managers can arrange ration formulation whenever needed.

Action Feed = Higher Quality and Lower Cost

Formulations of Action Feeds vary in different areas of the country - use the e-mail me back link on this page to request details of the range of feeds available in your locality.

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