Minerals for dairy cows

A range of high quality mineral/vitamin supplements specifically designed to balance typical dairy diets. Custom mix formulations available to meet special needs. Standard products include:

Super Dairy Plus

Formulated with high levels of vitamins and trace elements, including chelated copper, zinc and selenium, to help milk production and fertility in high yielding dairy cows.

Maize-mix 8%

Designed to balance the shortfalls of vitamins and trace elements in maize and wholecrop silages as well as other low phosphorus diets.

Maize-mix 4%

For use in maize or wholecrop silage based diets containing high levels of high phosphorus feeds.


Designed for high yielding dairy cows on grass silage based diets and in later lactation where the diet is particularly low in phosphorus. High vitamin E version available for situations where cell counts are of particular concern.

Dairy Supaphos

Specially designed for feeding free-access to dairy cow in the first 90 days of lactation or longer where the diet is particularly deficient in phosphorus.


For late lactation or when feeding high levels of concentrates.

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