ACT are one of the UK’s major suppliers of Fertiliser, the business is serviced by a team of FACTS qualified Area Managers offering a wide range of services and advice, to help our customers and members plan their purchases and use them efficiently.

ActionPlan is a long established programme for customers to make an early commitment to their fertiliser requirements, enabling ACT to secure supplies in the ever changing market place.

The range offered include the High Quality CF Fertilisers granular NPK, NS compounds and the long established UK Ammonium Nitrate ‘Nitram’.

The complete portfolio of products include Blended PK and NPK fertilisers, and the full range of straights to cater for the specific requirements of precision farming.

We are also able to supply Imported NPK’s AN and Urea products as and when available.

See Koch Advanced Nitrogen (KaN) Fertiliser

The organic farmer is also catered for with a range of approved products including GAFSA phosphate and ‘Kainit’.

CF Fertiliser

Imported Nitrogen Safety Data Sheets

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