Fly Control in Cattle

picture of a cows standing in a field
Cooper’s Spot On

For best results apply once a month throughout the summer, starting as soon as the first flies are seen.

Pack sizes 1L (100 doses) and 5L (500 doses).

Suitable for youngstock as well as dry and lactating dairy cows. No milk withdrawal.

The Soil Association allows the use of Cooper's Spot On in organic farming, but organic producers should ask their certification body for their rules regarding withdrawal periods for milk and meat.

Flectron Fly Tags

The easy way to control nuisance and biting flies for up to 5 months. Apply one tag to each animal. No milk or meat withdrawal.

Pack size 20 tags

Fly-catcher Tape

24 hour fly protection for all livestock buildings including milking parlours. Easy to use, non-toxic and chemical free. Installed on a pulley system high up across the building. When covered with flies wind onto disposable reel to expose more tape.

Installation kit contains pulleys, fixings and 400 metre roll of tape.

Refills available.

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