Fodder Beet

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A very palatable high energy feed particularly useful for supplementing poor quality or limited supplies of silage. Best chopped when fed to make it easier for animals to eat. Lift and clamp in autumn for feeding throughout the winter months. Some lower dry matter varities can be successfully grazed in situ.


Very high yielding medium dry matter variety with a low dirt-tare rating. Bright red roots highly palatable to all classes of stock.


White skinned high dry matter variety with high yield potential. Suitable for harvesting with sugar beet machinery.


A medium dry matter type with clean yellow roots making it an ideal choice for dairy and beef cattle.


Very reliable, high yielding variety with a low dirt-tare rating and good establishment.


One of the highest yielding fresh weights from a fodder beet. Ideal for grazing in situ due to its lower dry matter content.

  • Sowing period: late March - end April
  • Precision Drill only: 50,000 seeds/acre
  • Lift and clamp for use throughout winter and early spring
  • Av. DM Yield: 5-6 tonnes/acre
  • Av. Fresh Yield: 32-36 tonnes/acre
  • DM: 12-20%
  • Crude Protein: 12-13%
  • ME: 12.5-13 MJ/kg DM
  • Tops may yield a further 3-4 tonnes/acre
  • These products are available from our online shop

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