Forage Rape

A very economical, leafy, palatable crop that can be ready to graze in 13-15 weeks of sowing.

Ideal for strip grazing as a buffer feed to boost summer milk production and to supplement limited supplies of grass in the autumn. Also highly suitable to use as an autumn and winter feed for later lambing ewes.


High yielding with excellent powdery mildew resistance. Produces very palatable, digestible feed with a good crude protein content. A good mid-summer catch crop ideal for finishing lambs.


Very high yielding winter hardy variety with excellent powdery mildew resistance. Fast to establish, can be ready to use in 10-12 weeks from sowing. Suitable for sheep or cattle.

Hungry Gap

Exceptionally winter hardy enabling it to be used in January and February. Best sown in June or July.

  • Sowing pehod: June - mid August
  • Direct Drill: 2 - 3kg/acre. natural seed
  • Broadcast: 4kg/acre. natural seed
  • Graze 13-15 weeks from sowing
  • Av. DM Yield: 1.4 tonnes/acre
  • Av. Fresh Yield: 9 - 14 tonnes/acre
  • Crude Protein: 19 - 20% (mainly leaves)
  • ME: 10.6 - 11 MJ/Kg DM

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