Forage Rye

Extending the grazing season with Humbolt forage rye can give an extra 10-15% from grazing, reducing feed costs and making better use of land, as well as providing exercise and sunshine for the livestock.

When Humbolt is zero grazed in early spring, it can provide good regrowth to help extend the grazing season. Yields of over 8 tonnes per acre have been recorded when cut in early May.

After Maize (Italian Ryegrass Blend) can successfully be sown with Humbolt to enhance spring grazing, by improving the density of the sward as well as increasing the speed of regrowth after early use. Humbolt’s spring growth is up to 3 weeks earlier than Italian Ryegrass.

  • Sow in September - October at 50-75kg/acre.
  • Pack size: 50kg

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