Fuel tanks

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ACT supplies top quality British made “Tuffa” tanks at highly competitive prices

Bunded Tanks for domestic and industrial heating applications

Capacities from 1350 litres to 15,000 litres. All have lockable lids or cabinets, and come complete with a fittings kit and “Watchman” remote electronic contents gauge

Bunded Fuel Stations for dispensing Gas Oil

If you wish to store more than 1500 litres of Gas Oil (1250 litres in Scotland), or any quantity of Derv, you need a Bunded Fuel Station to comply with the Regulations.

Capacities from 1350 litres to 15,000 litres. All models have a 240v pump (12v optional), Flowmeter, 4m hose (longer lengths optional), auto shut-off nozzle, particle filter, and “Watchman” remote electronic contents gauge. The larger models also have a Bund Monitor/Overfill Alarm and an Overfill Prevention Valve.

We also supply Dual Compartment Fuel Stations for storing 2 fuels in “one” tank.

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