Liquid Feeds

For all classes of ruminant - to balance all types of forage

The ACTION Liquid Feed Range is expertly formulated to make up shortfalls in various widely fed stock rations.

  • Molasses base provides palatability and free flow even at low temperatures
  • Available in bulk or drums
  • Full technical support and advice available on request

Action Protein & Energy Supplements

  • Protein Balancer 44

    • A unique blend with high levels of protein and energy.
    • Ideal for balancing a whole range of low protein forages, including straw, low protein silage and hay.
    • Versatile - can be fed both ad-lib and poured over forage.
    • Ideal for heifers on straw.
  • Sheep Syrup

    • Suitable for sheep fed on straw, hay or poor silage/grazing.
    • A perfect balance of protein and energy for all classes of sheep.
    • Helps reduce incidence of twin lamb disease.
    • Improves forage intake.
    • Suits broken-mouth ewes.
  • Dry Cow Syrup

    • High level of magnesium and low level of calcium - encorages calcium mobilisation from skeletal reserves
    • Heps reduce incidence of staggers and milk fever
  • Suckler Cow Syrup

    • Supplies essential magnesium combined with energy and protein
    • Helps reduce incidence of staggers and milk fever
  • Protein Balancer 100

    • for balancing forages deficient in ERDP such as straw and maize silage
  • Vitmol

    • A free running form of molasses for all stock to balance low energy forages with added vitamins and trace elements
  • Minimol

    • A free flowing molasses blend suitable for all classes of cattle and sheep
    • improves palatability of forages
    • reduces dust in home mixed rations

Action Magnesium Supplements

to balance Spring and Autumn grazing

The most popular supplements are:

  • Mag Syrup

    • A highly palatable source of magnesium
    • 24 hour ad-lib access helps insure against staggers
    • Contains magnesium acetate for improved palatability
  • Action Water Mag

    • An economical 7.5% concentration for easy administration in drinking

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