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Additives for Maize and Whole Crop Cereal Silages

The main problems with Maize and Wholecrop cereal silages are mould growth and heating in the trough or at the clamp face when the crop is fed.

Heating uses energy, reducing the feed value of the crop by up to 25%, and moulds can produce micotoxins which can reduce animal output.

ACT offers a choice of 2 products for Maize and Wholecrop Cereal Silages; Silo Action Maize, a biological additive and Cool-Sile a product developed from the human food technology industry.

Silo-Action Maize applied at harvest will improve the speed and efficiency of the fermentation process and result in higher quality, more palatable silage. It will also significantly reduced mould growth and heating when the clamp is opened.

Cool-Sile is specially formulated to inhibit yeasts, moulds and other spoilage micro-organisms as well as delaying the growth of those organisms that can cause silage to heat.

Safe and effective to use it will pay for itself many times over in reduced bought-in feed costs.

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