Organic Grass Seed Mixtures

Organic producers and those in conversion are allowed by the Soil Association and Organic Farmers and Growers to sow grass seed mixtures containing 70% or more organically produced seed. Where the mixture contains less than 70% organically produced seed a derogation needs to be obtained before the seed is purchased.

ACT offers a range of 4 mixtures each containing 70% organically produced seed. All packed in 25kg bags.

No.1 Fertility Builder

A 2-3 year ley containing a large proportion of Red Clover. Produces 1-3 cuts of high protein silage before aftermath grazing. Includes hybrid ryegrasses to help the ley stand up to grazing and red clover to help build soil fertility levels.

No.2 Grazing Mixture

A medium to long term mixture containing a high percentage of tetraploid ryegrasses to increase palatability and drought tolerance. Designed to give good mid-season production without the need for artificial fertiliser.

No.3 Cutting Mixture

A medium to long term mixture designed to produce high quality silage. Includes a high proportion of tetraploid ryegrass to give bulk and high sugar levels. Also includes white clover to contribute to nitrogen fixation.

No.4 General Purpose Mixture

A medium to long term mixture designed to give a successive pattern of growth from early spring through the summer and autumn months. Includes Timothy to maintain mid-summer production.

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