Silage Making

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Baling supplies and silage polythene

ACT supplies only the very best quality crop packaging products, mostly sourced from UK manufacturers.

Silage Sheets

Visqueen Agri-S sheets are 20% lighter and 30% stronger than traditional sheets, making them easy to handle on the clamp without the risk of damage, and less polythene to dispose of.

Bale wrap film

ACT offers customers a choice of the leading brands:

  • Silotite
  • Visqueen Poliwrap
  • Silawrap
  • Rani-Wrap

Availability of colour and size varies across the brands. The widest choice is offered by Silotite, being available in Black, Green & White, and in 4 sizes to suit all wrappers/bale types i.e 1800m x 500mm, 1500m x 750mm, 1500m x 360mm and 1800m x 250mm. (the latter two sizes in Green and White only)

Polypropylene baler twines

Customers are offered the choice of British made Goldstrand (all lengths listed below), or imported Farmers Brand (Superspool types only)

  • Poly Medium (12,000ft per pack) is ideal for small conventional straw bales
  • Poly Hay (10, 000 ft per pack) is thicker and stronger than Poly Medium, so is best for small conventional Hay bales
  • Poly Fine (22,300ft) is an economical choice for round bales of Straw or Hay.

Superspool Twines are designed for big “square” bales made in “Hesston” type balers. They areavailable in 3 lengths/strengths (6,800ft, 7,200ft and 8,600ft), the choice being determined by the make & model of baler being used.

Round Bale Net Wrap

Customers are offered the choice of Bluebell Edge-Tek, a low cost but very high quality net, British made Farmers Brand, Novatex winner, and the market leader, Tama Pro-Tec. Roll lengths can be 3000m or 3600m according to brand.

“Secure Cover” silage sheet protection

Laid out on top of the silage sheet, a “Secure Cover” will keep the polythene snugly on the crop without using tyres! Instead, gravel bags are used around the edges and across joins, and the job is done in a fraction of the time needed using tyres.

Apart from saving hours of heavy, dirty work, “Secure Covers” protect the silage sheet from sunlight, reduces bird damage, and avoids the risk of tyre wire in cows.

There are 16 sizes available to suit all clamps. They are guaranteed for 7 years.

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