Wildlife and Conservation Mixtures

The following mixtures all meet DEFRA specifications for use under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. They can also be sown in many other situations for the benefit of wildlife and conservation.

Nesting Cover

Designed primarily for use in 2 metre Arable Margins. This mixture can be sown in spring or autumn to produce a sward of tufted grasses that will last at least four years.

5kg (1 acre) pack

Wildlife Mixture (WM1)

Designed to provide a succession of food sources for wild birds. Primarily for use in field margins of at least 6 metres wide. Contains Triticale, Kale and Quinoa. Replant every 2 years.

20kg (1 acre) pack

Basic Habitat

This FWAG approved mixture contains grasses that are food plants for a range of butterfly and beetle larvae. The grasses in the mixture are blended in carefully balanced proportions to provide a sward suitable for general use, as well as in 6 metre arable margins.

8kg (1 acre) pack

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